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In Australia almost every school has a dress code or uniform, with many now requiring specific sock colours, shoes colours and our favourite Hair Accessories. Finding hair accessories to match your school’s dress code can be a nightmare, we offer a large range of hair accessories in just about any colour combo or plain colour you can think of.

Offering a huge range of plain and combo colours styles, our hand-made range of clips, bows, hair ties, headbands, bun wraps and more, can be delivered to your doorstop. Check out our Value Packs for even more savings.

Perfect for the new school year or after school holiday mad rush for school supplies. 

If you can’t find you specific colour or colour combo we have our Exclusive “Accessory Designer”


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Our School Range is available in just about every colour and colour combination for schools across Australia with over 150 colours of ribbon available. We custom make every school hair accessory so if we don’t have your colours listed, we can create them for you.

We have over 60 different styles of school clips, school hair ties & school headbands, to keep their hair in place all day whilst they are learning, playing and having fun. All of our accessories are easy to use and made using high quality clips/ties and excellent ribbons to ensure they are easy to use and are durable.

Our school range is also great for sports teams, dance and make fantastic gifts for children starting school

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Are you a P&C or School?? 
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Are you a P&C or School?? 
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