Exclusive School Hair Accessories

Would your school would like to adopt a specific range of acceptable hair ties, headbands, clips and elastic bands, all high quality & durable?

I have discovered while many schools enforce uniform codes many students are tempted to wear non-school colour hair accessories. Often this is just because it is difficult to find correct colours or attractive styles to match their uniform.

When developing an exclusive range for a school we discuss the styles and options and create a display board of the final and approved selection. This display is then put in the uniform shop and/or canteen making it easy for families to purchase school acceptable accessories.

The feedback I have had since introducing the range into a selection of both private and public schools has been overwhelmingly positive as students are complimented time and again for looking so smart.

As part of my commitment to helping schools streamline the uniform I offer exclusivity on the range which means they can only be purchased from the school. You can also select to have unbranded packaging or sell an extended range by directing your families to this website for additional purchase options.

If you are interested in an exclusive school range please contact me to arrange an appointment.